Too Right Feet Board Wear was created around one simple premise, that people like to play board games whilst traveling, but that a solid board takes up a lot of space in a rucksack.

So we came up with the idea of making a wearable board, and a comfy hooded jumper seemed like the perfect piece of clothing to start with.

Whilst being worn the back print is just an interesting design but lay it out on the ground and it becomes a working Backgammon board. All you need to play are two sets of different coins or stones to use as pieces and two six sided dice.

Perfect whether you’re going traveling or just for a day at the beach!

The design on the right is screen printed on the back of a high quality heavy weight black hoody.  Whilst the logo above is embroidered on the front.

All this for only £45 delivered!

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.  It will likely be sooner but we have to get each hoody made to order and 28 days ensures enough time for it to be made and posted to you.

Until we have a chance to test out the paypal buttons and ensure that all is working as it should be please email:

with all enquiries.  Thank you.